Why Do You Need A Website Like Airbnb?

5 min readFeb 23, 2022

In the hospitality industry, Airbnb has become a huge disruptor. I won’t go into great length about Airbnb’s history, but in a nutshell, two guys in San Francisco decided to rent out air mattresses and turned it into a travel movement. Airbnb is the leading platform for creative travel experiences, with a market capitalization of over 10 billion US dollars.

With companies like Airbnb making headlines in recent years, the fundamental basis of travel is changing. The days of staying in hotels and hostels as our only housing options are long gone. Our travel possibilities are expanding as the number of Airbnb alternatives grows.

With the rise of home rental booking platforms and holiday rentals, renting a room or a property directly from another person can save you money while also helping the host cover their expenses.

Most of the time, you’ll find a laid-back rental with a welcoming ambiance and a complete complement of amenities. On rare occasions, you’ll have a holiday rental all to yourself. If you rent a room from a local family while traveling overseas, you’ll get a feel of rich culture as well as the chance to stay in a true community.

All of this means that by using Airbnb, you may locate not only rooms, flats, and holiday rentals, but even timeshares and resorts for a fraction of the price. In this blog by RentRoom, we let you in on some of the compelling reasons as to why you need a website like Airbnb.

Advantages of Airbnb as Compared to Hotels

· Lower Price:

The cost of staying at an Airbnb is frequently cited as a major factor in the decision. You can find some fantastic deals that are cheaper than more traditional options such as hotels. Overall, you’ll get more value for money with Airbnb, particularly if you’re staying for a short period of time, such as one or two weeks.

· Direct Communication:

In a hotel, you will usually only be able to connect with customer service when booking and the information provided by them is limited and restricted by the management. However, with Airbnb, you will almost always be able to communicate directly with your Airbnb host. If you have any specific questions, this can be very helpful.

· Unique and Bespoke Experience:

Many Airbnb rentals can provide one-of-a-kind and distinctive experiences that you won’t find at a hotel. Some are unusual, such as boathouses, treehouses, and even castles that can be rented for a short period of time. This boosts the overall user experience and subsequently increases Airbnb’s business leads.

· A Full-House Experience:

A full-house experience is ideal for families and parties, as well as individuals and couples who desire a fully equipped kitchen, laundry room, office, fenced yard, possibly even a swimming pool, or simply more space. It goes without saying that having a kitchen can help you save money by reducing the amount of time you spend eating out.

· Better Amenities:

While hotels provide basic amenities like room services, mini bar, swimming pool, etc. Airbnb vacation stays frequently provide visitors with cooking amenities, laundry and drying facilities, and beverage and food refrigeration. Hotels normally don’t provide this service or charge a fee for a service like a laundry.

· Guest Reviews:

Previous visitors rate hosts and their properties. This provides you with a wealth of additional tailored information to help you decide where to book. You can be fairly certain that the guests, ratings, and reviews are real because of the way the Airbnb system operates.

Economic Benefits of Airbnb

· Diverse Revenue Streams:

Property owners can broaden the money streams they generate from owning residences, which is a major potential benefit. Assume that, before the arrival of Airbnb in a city, property owners setting up residential rental properties had transaction costs so high that it was only financially viable to sign long-term leases.

· Increased Supply of Short-Term Rentals:

Another potential advantage is the greater availability or the increased supply of a variety of short-term rentals for travelers. This increasing supply may help to slow the rise in short-term rental prices and make the vacation more affordable. Isn’t that what everybody wants? This will also help boost the number of travelers and thereby the overall income generated by the Airbnb business.

· Economic Boost to the Locality:

One well-publicized probable advantage of Airbnb is the additional economic activity that could follow if the advent of Airbnb encourages more people to visit a city or town. Aside from the income earned by Airbnb hosts, these visitors may generate income by spending money at restaurants, grocery stores, or on other activities.

Creation and Expansion

The most evident benefit of Airbnb’s establishment and expansion is to property owners with available apartments to rent. Residential property owners generally have three alternatives for making a profit: they may live in the house and so avoid paying rent elsewhere, they can rent it out to long-term tenants, or they can rent it out to short-term visitors.

If the sole obstacle to leasing out a residential property to brief guests was transaction fees, then the establishment and expansion of Airbnb might theoretically lower these costs, making short-term leasing options more practical. It would seem reasonable to assume that the transaction fees of assessing and booking relatively brief renters would be higher over the course of a year than those of renting to long-term inhabitants.


When you’re new to a nation and searching for an inexpensive place to stay for a night or two, Airbnb is your best bet. The inexpensive price range can help you save a lot of money on your rentals while still providing world-class service. Everything works in favor of clients, from Airbnb Login to find the appropriate rental nearby.

The above-mentioned tenets show you just how important and needful a website like Airbnb is. As a potential business entrepreneur, it is imperative through this blog that you need to launch your very own Airbnb like website and RentRoom can help you with it.