Which Is The Best Self-Storage Management Software?

4 min readMay 25, 2022


Self-storage facility management software makes it simple for businesses to manage, monitor, and run the operations of individual units or entire complexes. These solutions can improve a company’s operational accuracy, income, and theft prevention measures. The core reason why self-storage entrepreneurs, operators, and executives turn to self-storage venue management software is to create and generate management reports, streamlining the collection of data such as occupancy rates, facility weaknesses, and strengths (such as units that regularly go unrented or overbooked and lease management pain points), and customer contact information.

Client management, reservation systems, payment systems, lease management, and dashboards that track and report on sales and/or operations are all common aspects of self-storage facility management software.

Some solutions include an accounting system that tracks accounts receivable, while others integrate with third-party accounting software seamlessly. Those looking for self-storage facility management software should look for one that is tailored to their individual needs. RentCubo, a proficient self-storage management software development company, provides you with a list of best self-storage management software.

  • SiteLink Web Edition:

It’s the most widely used and best-rated self-storage software in the industry. SiteLink provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing storage units, including website and third-party connectors, industry-leading accounting, and multi-store management. Powerful Corporate Controls- Use a best-in-class set of tools to save time while maintaining uniformity in pricing, promotions, paperwork, and business standards for both your on-site management and renters.

  • StorEDGE:

It’s the fastest-growing cloud-based facility management software for the modern self-storage company. It’s sleek and simple, works on Mac and Windows, and has a data-rich phone, lead, and web integration options. This program was created to give facility managers the most user-friendly, all-in-one solution imaginable. Its capabilities give a solution that complements existing everyday operations while allowing you to focus on the most important tasks: customer care and business growth.

  • Yardi Breeze:

Yardi Breeze gives you complete control over your property marketing, leasing, accounting, and management. Residential, commercial, affordable, PHA, manufactured housing, condo/associations, and self-storage markets are all supported by a single, refreshingly easy solution. Breeze helps you save time and money by automating marketing, leasing, rent collecting, maintenance, financial reporting, and other operations. Easy-to-use web portals for applicants, tenants, and owners make collecting and tracking payments online easier than ever.

  • Unit Trac:

Unit Trac is cloud-based self-storage facility management software that was created by a self-storage facility owner to make your business easier to operate. It’s a full-service self-storage solution that includes: -automated rent collection -remote digital leasing -seamless data integration -ongoing client support every member of the Unit Trac team is the owner of a self-storage business. We recognize that self-storage is more than just a place to store people’s belongings and collect rent.

  • Sparefoot:

SpareFoot’s simple and versatile marketing tool assists storage businesses in reaching out to more potential customers. SpareFoot can help your storage business obtain more online visibility and traffic with more web traffic than all other storage directories combined.

  • RentCubo:

RentStorage is a self-storage program that allows self-storage space providers to register and list their self-storage spaces for rent to individuals who are interested in renting them. During the registration process, service providers must upload a selfie as well as a photo of the property they desire to offer. After that, the administrator verifies the photograph and the information submitted before deciding whether or not to approve the application.

  • Voyager Self-Storage:

Yardi Voyager Self Storage allows you to centralize operations, accounting, budgeting, and reporting for your complete firm in a single database. Combine online property marketing, payment processing, and procurement technologies with mobile apps for unrivaled ease in a single integrated solution.

  • Storage Commander:

More features for a lower price. Thousands of people around the world use Storage Commander Cloud, a very intuitive cross-platform software. Accept payments with Google Pay and Apple Pay directly from your tenants’ mobile devices to take customer service to the next level. With e-signed online rentals, payments, and kiosk interfaces, you can stay lucrative around the clock. Free cloud software support, dynamic revenue management, call centers, text messaging, and website construction are among the other services.


Self-storage income models necessitate additional accounting features that a regular property management firm would not require. Accepting payments and/or deposits for rental equipment, selling items, accepting credit card payments, scheduling automatic recurring payments based on the customer’s demands, or locking the leaser out for failing to pay on time are just a few examples.




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