Which is the Best Equipment Rental Software in the Market?

4 min readMar 23, 2022


Equipment rental software

Everyone would have heard about equipment rental software and its diverse beneficial potential. In the contemporary digital era, the equipment rental industry is one of the prominent and largest industries that has wider prospects. The main motive or the major functionality of equipment rental software is to seamlessly handle and manage all the operations that are done by equipment rental business owners

Subsequently, equipment rental software has immense supremacies that are inadequately essential for the smooth functioning of the rental equipment business. An effective rental equipment software can implement various time-saving tools that are mandatory to propel your business without any hurdles.

Besides, an online equipment rental management software can effectively manage the business right from accounting, tracking, billing, inventory, order, and maintenance to reporting.

If you are a business entrepreneur deciding which equipment rental software best suits your business, then here is the list of some equipment rental software that is available in the market.

Best Equipment Rental Software in the Market

  • EZRentOut:

EZRentout is a cloud-based equipment rental software that serves multitudes of business industries of various fields. Such as construction, event management, IT, sports, and many more other significant industries. Despite catering to these diverse fields, EZRentOut possesses some exclusive features like contract management, inspection management, medical equipment rental, late fee calculation, and scheduling among others.

EZRentOut bestows with an incredible feature, where it permits the users to exhibit their rental equipment and tools on the web and design invoices according to the business requirements. Besides, users can also evaluate the potential of their staff members and can keep track of their inventories and customer orders.

  • RentTools:

Using RentTools, equipment rental business owners can operate a rental business effortlessly. The RentTools software is fully effective for showcasing the perfect configurations based on the customer’s needs and requirements.

Moreover, RentTools is an equipment rental software that permits business owners to sign up and list their Rent tools to rent for those who wish to procure them. After listing the administrator will scrutinize the image, details that are provided and then take the decision whether to admit the application or not.

  • AmberPOS

AmberPOS succors a software solution to diverse business industries, which ranges from small to midsized, in the United States and Canada.

Furthermore, AmberPOS includes certain other remarkable functionalities like customer relationship management (CRM) and inventory management. The remarkable customer management attribute facilitates keeping a record of all the significant details of the customers and can analyze the purchase trends.

Apart from customer management, this software has been integrated with a vendor management system that can have communication between retailers and their suppliers.

  • Rain POS

Rain is an all-in-one point of sale, website, and marketing system for all types of business industries. Features that make Rain POS unique is its ability to integrate POS/Website, can integrate email and text message marketing, class management with online signup, rental management, invoicing with online payments, service and repair tracking, and consignment management.

  • HireHop

HireHop is an ultra-featured rental software in the cloud. Thus it can be used in any device like a phone, iPad, PC, Mac, etc. There is no need to install it and can be used from anywhere in the world and has all the functionalities that are needed by a rental company. In addition to that, it even comes with free support and free upgrades.

Moreover, it has got certain exclusive features like stop checks, purchase orders, multi-depot with cross-depot rentals, and sync any number of accounting software into HireHop.

  • Rentman

Rentman is a cloud-based resource management and planning software that enables AV and Event companies to control their day-to-day functions and to enhance their workflows. Main features include equipment scheduling, equipment tracking, crew scheduling, and quoting and invoicing.

With Equipment Scheduling, you can plan ahead your equipment. Keep track of equipment stock levels and their current location at any time.

  • Renttrax

Different from every other equipment rental software, Renttrax is a cloud-based sports equipment rental solution launched for small-scale sports retailers. Retailers can effortlessly use this software to get control of their rental bicycles, scooters, skis, snowboards, kayaks, motorized sports equipment, camping equipment, and medical supplies.

Renttrax offers services in which the entrepreneurs can set up an online reservation system within a website, where customers can fill in their personal details and requirements and book equipment. Shop owners can maintain two separate records for promoters and agents and can distinguish pricing rates for each.


The equipment rental business is significantly distinctive from their traditional retail companions. The majority of the old retailers commercialize a product and cease the sales cycle. On the contrary, rental businesses are vigilantly selling time and retaliating the equipment upon completion of that time.

This strategy in the equipment rental business has compelled the rental businesses to the essentiality of undistinguished software. Equipment rental software is the apt solution for it.




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