Which Is A Safe And Secure Self-Storage Management Software?

4 min readMay 18, 2022

Self-storage business management software makes it simple for firms to manage, audit, and manage the functions of individual units or entire complexes. These solutions can improve a company’s operational accuracy, income, and theft prevention measures.

The core reason why self-storage entrepreneurs, contractors, and executives turn to self-storage facility management software is to generate and produce management reports, automating the collection of data such as occupancy rates, facility weaknesses, strengths, and customer contact information.

Tenant administration, reservation systems, payment systems, some form of lease management, and dashboards that track and report on sales and/or operations are all common components of self-storage business management software. Some solutions include an accounting system that tracks accounts receivable, while others integrate seamlessly with the third-party accounting system. Consumers of self-storage business management software should look for one that is tailored to their facility’s size.

If you are looking to invest in self-storage management software, then you must know the software that is the safest and most secure self-storage management software. This blog by RentCubo, one of the proficient self-storage management software development companies, lists the best software you can get for your self-storage management business.

· Storeganise:

Self-storage and valet parking management software that automates operations and customer sign-ups. Storeganise is a feature-rich platform with several integrations that can be completely customized thanks to its open and modern API. E-sign, automated payments, job automation, interactive site maps, thorough analytics, delivery tracking, and many other features are available. The rebranded Storeganise customer portal allows businesses to integrate contactless online bookings to any website in seconds.

· RentStorage:

You may easily run a self-storage rental business with RentStorage’s self-storage software. The self-storage management software is fully capable of showing appropriate settings based on the needs of the customers, as well as accepting payments. It comes with a web backend as well as iOS/Android apps for both users and service providers. RentStorage is a self-storage program that allows self-storage space providers to register and list their self-storage spaces for rent to individuals who are interested in renting them.

· Easy Storage Solutions:

Easy Storage Solutions is a web-based self-storage software provider for small and medium-sized businesses. The property management software includes a fully integrated website that allows renters to e-sign lease agreements, rent units online, and pay their bills through their own personal accounts. It can also send late notices and invoice reminders to tenants via text message and email. Customer service and software updates are completely free.

· SiteLink Web Edition:

SiteLink is a scaled choice of single and multi-store operators due to its feature-rich self-storage software, outstanding service, and user-friendly design. Special solutions, including an eCommerce website, are available for sites with fewer than 250 units. Online reservations, rentals, and payments; electronic signature; revenue management; CRM; phone integration; email, and text messaging are all profit-generating capabilities. Choose from more than 50 SiteLink Marketplace integrations, such as call centers, kiosks, and listing services.

· WebSelfStorage:

For more than 15 years, the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network has given independent self-storage businesses a fully integrated web-based business platform. The WebSelfStorage Business Platform connects you with millions of online clients searching for self-storage at uhaul.com. Independent self-storage owners benefit from a unique arrangement with U-Haul that gives them access to a slew of benefits that give them a “big business” competitive advantage on a small business budget.

· storEDGE Management Software:

With user-friendly software, websites, online rentals, and cloud access control features, storEDGE is the most complete technology solution in the business. Their cutting-edge, all-in-one technological platform enables you to run your business from anywhere in the world. storEDGE offers the most comprehensive cloud-based software for small, large, and unmanned operators. Custom dashboards, integrated texting, e-sign, online move-ins, CRM, certified email, and mail are just some of the features available.

· Yardi Breeze:

Yardi Breeze Premier is a cloud-based self-storage property administration, marketing, and leasing software platform. Manage your finances with built-in accounting that you can rely on, and give tenants the ability to make bookings and payments online. Advanced features including role-based security permissions, CRM follow-up, auction administration, and enhanced rent, discount, and price tools can help you go farther. For industry-leading market intelligence, add Yardi Matrix Self Storage.


There is a lot of self-storage management software out there owing to the increased demand for self-storage management businesses. However, with the increase in self-storage management software, the quest for a safe and secure self-storage management software continues. To save you all the trouble of going through numerous self-storage software, RentCubo has listed the safest and most secure self-storage management software. Now that you are aware of some of the safest and most secure self-storage management software, get investing in the best self-storage management software for your business.