Three Components Of Property Management That Can Help Grow Your Business

3 min readDec 10, 2021
property management

To deliver the most efficient and successful service, a professional and reliable property management business knows and employs a variety of management tactics. The term disruption is used in this blog to describe how Airbnb is affecting the hospitality and housing industries in general.

Airbnb’s listings demonstrate this. Airbnb now has more listings than the top five largest hotel chains combined, with 4 million listings in 191 countries by mid-2017. The fact that many companies are attempting to mimic Airbnb’s business model is maybe the most intriguing element. Airbnb’s business model is based on a multi-sided marketplace that connects passengers with hosts and tour operators.

What actually separates Airbnb’s economic model is that it is exponential in practically every way, especially when contrasted to the business plan of a traditional hotel corporation like Marriott, the world’s largest hotel chain. When you compare the two, you’ll notice that Airbnb’s massive advancements in the hospitality industry have enabled it to scale hospitality in ways Marriott can only dream of.

Nevertheless, there is still scope for a lot of improvement RentCubo provides with three crucial components of property management that can help grow your rental property management business in leaps and bounds.

· Maintenance:

Property care is undeniably important in property management. Everyone understands the necessity of property maintenance, but keeping up with it all may be difficult. Any property that lacks sufficient support will deteriorate over time as a result of continual use. Dirt will build, lawns will grow, the painting will fade or peel, plumbing will leak, and HVAC systems will fail in such a structure.

Property maintenance seeks to keep your property in top shape and your residents safe and content in order to avoid such degradation. Here are a few more reasons why a competent property management company’s property care strategy is critical:

o Increase in property value — Well-maintained property retains or even rises in value over time. This is because the property will either retain its initial fineness or lose it during the management process. Even better, the home could benefit from a renovation with more current features and qualities.

o Cost reduction — You’ll be able to discover and repair or correct possible risks if you have a good property management system. Any malfunctioning plumbing, HVAC, electrical system, or other systems will be repaired before it causes a tragedy.

· Minimizing Expenses:

To avoid having to wait for problems that require repair and maintenance, an experienced property manager employs a preventative maintenance strategy. The premise is that replacing or fixing an issue early on is usually less expensive than waiting until it gets out of hand.

Affluent property managers, on the same note of preventive management, do their best to reduce the amount of time spent sorting and delivering mail and packages to renters. While this is the company’s core responsibility, a property manager recognizes that the time spent sorting and distributing these shipments could be better spent on other important tasks.

· Managing Debt and Risk:

In the real estate sector, debts and dangers are unavoidable. You may encounter uncooperative tenants at times, or tenants may make unwise decisions. Disasters can strike, and money can be lost as a result. Although it is hard to avoid debt and risks in property management, a good property manager can assist you in implementing some best practices to reduce these risks.

The property manager takes two ways to address debt and risks: tenant screening and effective data gathering and administration. The management creates a watertight system to assess the chance that potential renters would adhere to all of the terms of the rental or lease agreement and take excellent care of the property using this method.

Now that we have presented you with the 3 “M”s approach to property management, you can implement them and start growing your business. We’ve been providing premium property management software to property owners at RentCubo for years, and it can handle everything from financial reporting to tenant acquisition to maintenance and more to keep your rental property management company running smoothly.