How To Make An App Like Airbnb & Rule The Rental World

4 min readFeb 2, 2022

The rental industry has changed dramatically as a result of Airbnb, and this particular business is rapidly expanding. This internet platform offers a completely new approach to reserving accommodation in an unfamiliar location at a lower cost.

This platform is unique in that it allows for a wide range of value propositions for both owners and commuters. Property owners can list their properties in this marketplace, which allows potential expeditors to book homestays in nearly every region. This remarkable feature is what distinguishes Airbnb and explains why it is appreciated by millions of people all around the world.

There are two types of people that define the Airbnb business model. They are:


These are people who have extra space and have opted to rent it out to strangers. To do so, they use the Airbnb app, which allows them to list their properties under particular criteria, such as the availability duration, check-in, and check-out dates, and many other appropriate rules. They have the authority to approve or deny reservations, as well as to assess tourists subsequently.


These are persons looking for a suitable place to stay at a reasonable price. They can search by location, property type, and price, among other options provided by the program. They use Airbnb to book and pay.

How to make an app like Airbnb?

Without adequate efficient technologies, an app like Airbnb cannot be made. These are the two options to make an app like Airbnb.

· Start from scratch

· Use an Airbnb clone script

You can create an app from the ground up if you are a developer with strong technical abilities. However, if you are inefficient in the technological sector, you will need a distributed team to perform it for you or to work exclusively for you if you do not want to outsource it. In the worldwide rental industry, an Airbnb clone is an alternate and effective business model that is a game-changer.

Developing from scratch:

To construct vacation rental software like Airbnb you must first build a website from the bottom up. This is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Professionals need to develop both the frontend and backend of the operation. To process it further, you’ll need developers, project managers, system administrators, and more internal managers.

The cost of your app is determined by the variety of technical aspects you want in it, ranging from simple to medium to high complexity. The number of platforms used should be determined ahead of time based on the target demographic, location, and preferred device environment, among other factors. Android apps, for example, often take 20 to 30 percent longer to develop than iOS apps. The cost issue also changes depending on whether you go for a conventional or custom design. If you wish to employ visuals and tools for the Airbnb app, the price will undoubtedly be more.

Build a website using an open-source clone script

Another simple option to create an Airbnb-like app is to use a ready-made open-source Airbnb clone script. This script will include all of the features and functions needed to make money from a vacation rental marketplace. With a good Airbnb clone script, you can meet your clients’ needs with the same level of quality and user experience. You will also receive the source code, which you can use to install on many domains.

Benefits of readymade clone scripts

It is an excellent alternative for you if you want to build your own holiday rental marketplace using Airbnb clone software. With the appropriate solution, you can easily put up your website in a matter of hours. You can receive an open-source readymade solution in a shorter amount of time and at a lower cost. There are numerous vacation rental app builders or Airbnb clones on the market that allow you to create your platform without having to code. With an ocean of features and functionalities quickly implemented in the clone script, you can host your platform on any webserver.

Rough Estimation

To build an Airbnb app from scratch, will take about 55–65 hours. Let’s have a rough estimation.

  • Project set up time: 20 hours.
  • API implementation: 25 hours
  • Implementation of the app: 40 hours.
  • Testing: 20 hours

Therefore, the cost of two Apps (iOS and Android) + web front end +Admin panel would be around $100,000.


The online rental market is growing at a breakneck speed. This is why developing apps like Airbnb has become vital, and it may bring your company a lot of money. When you have a good understanding of the important characteristics, competition, and development expenses, you can start your vacation rental business and turn your dream into a reality. Features, tech stack, promotion, and marketing are all critical aspects that can make or break your app’s success. Among all of these features possess a great deal of significance.