How To Keep Track Of Rental Vehicles

4 min readApr 24, 2023
Vehicle Rental Software

It is always a problem for the Vehicle rental business to keep track of their vehicle’s condition and maintenance up-to-date.

Almost every vehicle rental business faces this situation and would have tried many manual ways to overcome the situation with ledger maintenance and manual inspections. But the thing is, those ways are not efficient enough and they encountered many human errors.

To rectify all these problems with one single solution, a Vehicle tracking system was introduced.

What is a vehicle tracking system?

The vehicle tracking system is a decentralized software to keep track of the location and conditions of the rental vehicle in one place. This software can be designed to track the status of more than 20 vehicles i.e. scalable fleet tracking system. The vehicle can also be tracked for its maintenance calendar to keep it in working condition and to avoid the loss of unexpected repair costs.

Also, this tracking system can be designed according to the business scale and different business models.

Best features of the vehicle tracking system.

  1. 360-degree tracking

The vehicle tracking system gives a real-time and 360-degree view of the daily operation of the fleet. Hence it increases fleet visibility, reduces cost, increases productivity, keeps track of maintenance, and keeps you ahead of the competition.

2. Eliminate theft of rental vehicles

Rental equipment and vehicle are the primary targets of the thieves. But with the efficient rental vehicle tracking system, the renter can immediately report the stolen vehicle and can track the location. Even if a renter decides to steal a vehicle, owners can report the last location to law enforcement professionals to get the best chance to get back the vehicle.

3. Locate and deliver vehicles more quickly

For businesses with a yard or garage of vehicles, it will be difficult to locate the vehicle demanded by the customers when they are waiting at the desk to rent it.

In this situation, GPS tracking can be used to locate the demanded vehicle and can ensure fast delivery.

On the other hand, you can also deliver the vehicle to the renter’s location by keeping them informed of the vehicle moving location, estimated delivery time, and driver number for direct communication and can ensure timely delivery.

you can also alert your customers of any unexpected delay which enhances your customer service and customer satisfaction.

4. Analytics section

Advanced analytics will be there in the tracking system to track the performance of the vehicle over time. The GPS tracking system uses the trend line, advanced reports, interactive dashboards, and actual vs planned SLA comparison to display the vehicle performance from which the owners can infer the improvements and lags to reimagine the operations.

5. Driver behavior detection

An intelligent tracking system can analyze driver behavior with the scoring methodology which evaluates the score with metrics like fatigue, over-speeding, rash driving, etc. It will help in reducing losses and enhancing the efficiency of the rental vehicles

6. Alerts and notifications

A feature to give alerts to the owner in case of over-speeding, delays, maintenance deadlines, geofences, accidents, and other critical conditions

7. Real-time reports

The tracking system will give real-time reports for efficient fleet operations and that real-time report includes utilization, fuel consumption, driver performance, route planning, and their planned and actual variation to plan a better trip in the future.

8. Proactive maintenance and predictive remote care

The tracking system will notify the problems of the vehicle proactively before it

actually breaks down. Also, shows detailed information about the repair to take care of the rental vehicles with lower maintenance costs.

9. Efficient API to connect third parties

Vehicle rental businesses can connect their ERP solution to the vehicle tracking system to extract meaningful data to use for fleet improvement and productivity.

Benefits of tracking rental vehicles

  1. Enhance fleet productivity and utilization

The analytical and interactive report will enhance fleet utilization by fastening and doing more tasks in a short time. It also helps the operators with scheduling and dispatch algorithms, best route selection, and real-time traffic to do the task more efficiently with the fewer resources

2. Improved fleet maintenance

The vehicle tracking system will keep track of the maintenance calendar to do the vehicle inspection at the right time and keep it in working condition. Also, the engine and tyre utilization reports and real-time DTC alerts will inform the operators before the vehicle gets actually breakdown.

3. Decreased Fuel and operation cost

The real-time fuel theft alerts and one-click real-time reports of the tracking system will help the operators identify the fuel waste. Also with route analytics and site analytics, unnecessary running, KMS, fuel waste, and labor costs can be reduced effectively.

Hence in conclusion

The Vehicle tracking system is an effective tool for improving fleet management. It is built with excellent features and exhibits extensive benefits to the vehicle rental business.

So if you are a business person who is managing the Vehicle rental industry, then it is time for you to get a proficient vehicle tracking system. Get your system developed by the expert white-label vehicle tracking system providers and make the most out of it to run a revolutionary business.