Building a Trust and Verification System for Hosts and Guests on an Airbnb Clone

4 min readJun 13, 2023
Airbnb Clone

Airbnb is a well-known website that was created specifically for vacation rental owners to list and manage their properties as well as for travelers to make reserving a vacation rental simple for their days out. Many property owners and tourists were drawn to this cutting-edge idea. Due to this, Airbnb has developed into a well-known hosting platform for holiday, flat, and house rentals that is producing billions of dollars by offering solely a dedicated online platform.

There are several business aspirants that want to create a company like Airbnb, and they all want effective software like Airbnb. To give them aid, the Airbnb clone has emerged. Airbnb clone is an off-the-shelf software that is commercially available and has been offered by several software development firms. Once it has undergone some tweaking, it is ready for use.

The two integral actors of the Airbnb clone are hosts and guests. The owner of the Airbnb clone platform has to maintain integrity and trust in the platform. So that he/she cannot allow the host and guest to enter the platform without verification as it would bring chaos in the long run. Hence verification system for the clone is desperately important and the system has to be built with strong verification features. The list of those features is explained in detail in the blog.

Why should a startup choose Airbnb clone?

Getting the Airbnb clone from the clone script provider brings myriad benefits to the business and if the businesses get to know what they are, they will never go for a second choice

Technical support from master minds: The top service providers will have a team of specialists and qualified individuals from designing and development to testing. Hence, on buying the clone from them, the firms will receive the software that is merged with the greatest features ever created by brilliant brains.

Software tailored to a specific niche: The clone can be customized by providers in accordance with business needs. They will carefully create the clone script based on the demands and organisational structure of the firm, regardless of the vertical or kind. Therefore, the companies will receive software that is a perfect duplicate of their strategy.

knowledge of development: As a software development business, the clone script provider undoubtedly encountered difficulties while working on various projects. Businesses can use this expertise to assist them shape their plans, identify any gaps, or come up with the best solution. So that firms can avoid wasting time on bad initiatives that will ultimately fail.

Assistance after deployment: Providers of clone script services will assist in fixing any software issues even after they have been deployed. Therefore, the firms won’t have to worry as much about solving the issue on their own or looking for a third party to accomplish it.

Cost-effective: Purchasing Airbnb clone scripts from businesses that provide script is less expensive. This will save a significant portion of the business expenditure which can be utilized in other aspects of the business.

Decreased development errors: Businesses may steer clear of costly mistakes and software problems that could occur during their own software development with Airbnb clone scripts

Building a verification system of Airbnb clone with fantastic features

Typically, the Airbnb clone has various incorporated verification features to enhance safety and trust for both hosts and guests. Here are some verification features that you will find commonly in the Airbnb clone

Mobile number verification: During the registration process, Users can be asked to give their phone number and can be asked to verify that number via SMS. This help ensures that the user has a valid contact number through which he/she can be contacted on disputes or for information updating.

Email verification: Getting an email id verification from the user is a common verification process held during registration. The verification link will be sent to the mail id, the user has to click that to complete the verification.

Social media integration: The feature that allows users to link their social platform ids like Facebook, LinkedIn, Mail id, etc to the user profile. This will provide additional accountability and authenticity.

Government ID verification: The feature that asks the hosts and guests to submit any ID that is issued by the government like a driver’s license or passport. This aids in verifying their age and identity.

Reviews and Ratings: The feature that validates the reliability of the rental house. Users will rate and write reviews of their stays in different rental houses. This helps future users to know the reputation of the rental property. Feedback will help the hosts to re-imagine their rentals and offer the best service.

Verification program: The feature to review and monitor user accounts, listing and reporting incidents to ensure that they comply with the community standards of the platform and safety concerns.

Host and guest profile: Users will be encouraged to create a profile with detailed information from name, gender, age, photo, and personal description to verification documents. This allows others to learn more about the people and gains trust in them compared to the profile without specific details.

It is worth noting that these features that form the verification system are intended to improve trust and safety in the platform. But this too will not assure guarantee that all the profiles in the Airbnb clone platform would be genuine. Users should exercise extra precautions to save the money that they are sharing in the economy platform.

Final thoughts

The features listed so far are the regular and also the advanced components of the verification system. These basic components can be used for decent verification. Besides that, the platform owner can use the data collected for verification to personalize their software to give a better service to their hosts and guests.